Relentless. Driven. Uncompromising.

Scott Bach is defending Freedom in the most hostile territory imaginable.

Scott Bach’s Key Qualifications & Achievements


As an NRA board member and Executive Director of NJ’s official NRA State Association (ANJRPC), Scott has been a fierce gun-rights leader in the most hostile territory imaginable.


Scott has repeatedly defeated gun bans against impossible odds, often leaving gun ban politicians stunned, frustrated, and embarrassed.

Right to Carry

Scott has improved carry laws in 3 states and was Founding Chairman of NRA’s Right to Carry Committee.  Right to carry is the issue that first made Scott a gun rights activist.


Scott has aggressively used litigation to advance gun rights, overturning unconstitutional laws and challenging gun owner harassment.  He has sued multiple states, the Port Authority of NY & NJ, and various cities and towns, and his stunning victory in Bach v. N.H. has been widely reported.


Scott makes regular national media appearances and has been featured on MSNBC, Comcast, Fox, and is a frequent guest on Cam & Company.  He has done hundreds of interviews and penned numerous Op-Eds.


Scott brings a unique combination of legal, government, and law enforcement experience to Second Amendment advocacy.  In addition to 30+ years of law practice, he has worked for a U.S. congressman, a U.S. appellate judge, a U.S. Attorney, and in law enforcement.

Scott’s Election Video


“It is our job to remain steadfast in Freedom’s defense, no matter what challenges we face, no matter how overwhelming the odds or how strong the forces against us. We have been called to this moment in history for a reason. Together and with help from Above, we will answer that call.”

–Scott Bach

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