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Op-Ed: The Bear Hunt Is Needed
"After a season of bear attacks so frequent and frightening that the need to thin the bear population became obvious even to politicians usually opposed to hunting, we are now instructed by a group trying to stop the hunt that “bears are the dolphins of the woodlands.”  Apparently the bears don’t know this yet, because they’ve been acting more like sharks lately."…read full text

Op-Ed: Gone Are the Days of Jellystone Park
"In August 2002, five-month old Ester Schwimmer was sleeping in her stroller a few miles north of New Jersey, outside a Fallsburg, New York bungalow colony. As her parents watched in horror, a black bear emerged from the nearby woods, pulled the infant head-first from her stroller, and ran off with the child in its mouth, apparently as intended food. After a chase by the parents, the bear released Ester from its jaws, but she died of her injuries a short time later."…read full text